Film Screening on October 5th, Summer in the Forest [DATE CHANGED]

Come learn about the inspiring and heartwarming story of the L’Arche community, founded by Jean Vanier as a welcoming home especially for persons with developmental disabilities. This 2017 film reminds us of the simple fact of our shared humanity and the beauty of friendship and community. It’s a wonderful kick-off to our new First Fridays series! Screening will be held on Friday October 5th at 7pm in the South Wing at St. Paul Church (2577 Main Street, Glastonbury). Here’s the trailer: From the producers, we read the following: “Like countless others Philippe, Michel, Andre and Patrick [...]

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Starting Out Right

They met in college, he an athletic playboy and she, a studious goody two shoes. It was an unlikely match from the start, a fact that her friends continually pointed out. His first move was to invite her to the local bar; she declined because she was leading a campus Bible study that evening. He'd heard plenty of rejection lines but that one was new. Their first date was a week later and the hours brimmed with laughter. When she finally looked at her watch, it was 2 a.m. “I have to go!” she exclaimed like Cinderella at the ball. [...]

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Will I stay or go?

Is believing in Jesus Christ just too hard to do sometimes?  If you are taking the Gospel seriously this is not a question that is infrequently asked. Believing in Jesus is tough.  As a matter of fact, many of Jesus’ original followers “returned to their former way of life and no longer accompanied him.”  It is no wonder, then, why such a temptation exists to make Jesus’ teachings into something that is palatable and easy to swallow.  If we reduce our faith to simply saying certain prayers, participating in particular rituals and earning merit badges for eternal life then we clearly are [...]

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Hungry for God

By the time I hung up the phone, I already regretted my decision. Who in her right mind agrees to substitute teach a large 6th grade CCD class? But my friend couldn't find anyone in her own parish to fill in, and she was desperate. Fine, I said. I'll do it. Besides, I like 6th graders. I just don't like them in packs. The assigned topic was God the Father. I began my preparation with prayer. Never go in front of middle schoolers without first praying. Never do anything without praying, but that's another topic. I sought ideas from teachers, [...]

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