Resisting temptation

Our church and our world are going through painful times. For our church, the ongoing revelations of the sex abuse crisis are disturbing, discouraging and sad. Feelings of betrayal and anger are commonly expressed and many are disillusioned, lacking joy and without a concrete sense of hope. For our world, there are still great conflicts and so much discord and unhappiness. People are struggling: to have food, make a decent living, live in safety and find a home. Wars and divisions go on and tensions are escalating. There is a lack of trust deepening both in the church and in [...]

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Pastor’s statement on Archdiocesan reporting of clerical sexual abuse

Dear Friends, As you are aware, the Archdiocese of Hartford published a list of the names of priests, both living and deceased, who had credible allegations of sexual abuse of minors made against them. Their ministerial assignments were also listed. As you also may be aware, Fathers Hebert Clarkin, John Graham, Joseph Rozint, Felix Werpechowski, and Peter Ziska all had assignments, at one time or another, at either St. Augustine or St. Paul Churches. I need to emphasize that even though these priests are on the list, it does not necessarily mean that any accusations came from their time here. [...]

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