Your account on ParishSoft

We’re excited! We’ve updated our database to a new platform called ParishSoft. This will help us improve communications with our whole parish community. The system gives every parishioner access to a secure portal called “My Own Church” where you may manage your personal information and register for events. You just need to create an account, which will be linked to your entry within our secure database.

To get started creating your account, visit and select “New User.” Please watch the video above for a step-by-step guide to creating your account, and contact us at if you have questions.

Please note: you must create an account in order to register for our Faith Formation program. Going forward, we’ll be conducting all Faith Formation registration through ParishSoft. Faith Formation registration is a separate process and will begin soon. More information about that will be announced soon.

Please create your account as soon as possible so we can update our database and together begin making full use of this new platform.