UPDATE: Parking Lot Construction for Sept. 16 & 17

Expansion and repaving of the St. Paul Church parking lot is still progressing. Here’s what you need to know for parking the weekend of Sept. 16 & 17:

  • Both the Welles Street entrance and the Main Street entrance (near CVS) are open this weekend.
  • To maintain two-way traffic, please DO NOT park along the edges of the Main Street entrance.
  • Egress to the back parking lot via the Main Street entrance closest to the Parish Center (formerly the Knights of Columbus) is closed until further notice.
  • Parking is available in the newly created section of the back parking lot, along with parking on the original lot’s NORTH side (CVS side).
  • Handicapped parking remains available.
  • Please DO NOT enter any areas that are marked by orange cones. This includes a large portion of the original parking lot.
  • To enter the church building to attend Mass, please use any Main Street-facing entrance (main entrance, handicapped entrance, north entrance near bathrooms, or north entrance near classrooms).
  • All back entrances to the church building remain closed!
  • There remains no parking in the back lot of St. Paul Church on weekdays.

Please use caution this weekend and in the following weeks as this project progresses. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.