Readings for this Mass may be found here.

Music for this services is as follows (BB = Breaking Bread 2020 Hymnal):
Opening Hymn: BB 722 – Crown Him with Many Crowns
Welcoming: Gathered in the Love of Christ
Gloria: Spoken
Psalm: The Lord is my shepherd there is nothing I shall want
Chant Alleluia
Offertory: BB 390 – The Least of These
Holy Holy Holy: BB 912
We Proclaim Your Death: BB 913
Amen: BB 916
Lamb of God: BB 917
Meditation: Instrumental
Closing: Vocal piece written by Dr. Ken Nott, SS. Isidore and Maria Parish Director of Music

For those unable to partake in Holy Communion today, please find here the Prayer of the Act of Spiritual Communion.

Permission to stream the music in this Mass obtained from One License with license #731488-A7/19