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Each year, our community offers an opportunity for high-schoolers to take part in a week-long Mission Trip to a location within driving distance of our parish.

In offering these trips, we partner with an organization called Group Mission Trips, which has been organizing mission trips around the country for many decades.

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Our 2023 Mission Trip

The cost for the trip is $500. Of this, $100 is payable as a nonrefundable deposit at the time of registration, with the remainder payable in two installments later in the year ($200 on March 1, $200 on May 1, both via PayPal invoice or paper check). Any teen entering high school in the Fall of 2023 is eligible to attend the trip.

The Mission Trip isn’t just a week-long trip; it’s a year-long commitment. We ask that all teens commit to satisfying the following requirements as part of their participation in the trip:

  1. Participate in our community’s youth ministry by attending, throughout the year, at least three youth group meetings or other youth ministry events (social events, service events, the Annual Lock-In, etc.).
  2. Help plan and run at least one fundraising activity during the year. We have several of these in mind: a car wash, candy sale, etc. The final list will include our main fundraiser: the annual Golf Tournament. For whatever event you choose to help with, you should attend the planning meeting as well as the event itself. Further details will be available as these events approach.
  3. Commit to Group Mission Trips’ Code of Conduct, available here.
  4. Help promote our 2023 Trip

For more information about our 2023 trip, please contact our Youth Minister, Donna Berger, at

Families in significant financial need should please contact the Planning Team to discuss possibilities. We’d like for every interested teen to be able to attend.

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