December: Mass 

Our theme for this month is the Mass. We will learn about the Liturgy of the Word, the Liturgy of the Eucharist, and the Real Presence of Christ.

STEP ONE. Attend a large-group Zoom session at one of the following times.

The links and passwords for all three sessions have been emailed to you.

    • Tue., 12/1, 5-6pm
    • Thu., 12/3, 5-6pm
    • Thu., 12/3, 7-8pm

STEP TWO. Complete the family activity and click here to submit the Family Activity Reflection by Fri. 12/11.

Click here to expand the list of activities. Choose at least one.

    1. Together as a family, watch this music video and discuss your thoughts.  How do you see the Word of God guiding your life? What stood out to you?  Click here to watch the video by MercyMe.
    2. As we approach the season of Advent, the beginning of the Liturgical Calendar in the Catholic Church and a time of spiritual preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ, have a look at this video and also this worksheet. Share your thoughts. What did you learn from this video?  
    3. This video walks you through a Catholic Church.  Are you able to recognize these icons, statues, pictures, etc. from our own parish? Did you learn anything new from this video?
    4. The Mass is a celebration. We are called together as the Body of Christ to hear the Word of God and receive the Holy Eucharist. Together as a family, complete the worksheet and share your thoughts.     
    5. Dynamic Catholic offers a series called The Best Advent Ever. Click here to register and receive a short daily devotional video for Advent. The videos are about 3-5 minutes in length and are a wonderful way to help center us spiritually during this season of anticipation. Take some time as a family and together watch these videos.  Share your thoughts.  

STEP THREE. Have your child or children complete their individual projects. Click here to upload the project by Fri. 12/18.

Click here to expand the list of projects. Choose at least one.

    1. Watch this video and also this video on Advent. Then use this worksheet as a guide to make your own Advent Wreath and learn about its significance.  This worksheet includes a prayer you can pray each week as you light the candles. Upload a picture of your wreath. (Grades 1-8) 
    2. Complete four of the daily activities in the Advent calendar and upload a picture showing what you have done. (Grades 1-8)
    3. As a community, we begin our celebration of Mass with the Sign of the Cross. We do the same before any prayer. As Catholics, this is an important act of faith. It reaffirms our belief in God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Sign of the Cross reminds us of all that Jesus has done for us out of love. It is a renewal of our commitment to live as followers of Jesus Christ in all that we do. Make a collage or a  colorful mosaic cross to remind us to live as followers of Jesus Christ. Be creative!  Upload a picture of your cross. (Grades 1-8) 
    4. Complete the attached worksheet on the parts of the Mass. Take a picture and upload it when you are finished. (Grades 1-4)
    5. Together as one community of faith, we profess our beliefs by praying the Creed at Sunday Mass. Complete this worksheet and share your reflections.  Upload a picture of the worksheet. (Grades 1-8)
    6. Color this fun craft and fold it like a fan when complete. Look at it from the left, then from the right: what do you see? This simple fan can serve as a great reminder for Catholics as we experience the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. Files are attached to serve as a reference to help you with this project.  Upload a picture when you are finished. (Grades 1-8)

ABOVE AND BEYOND! Take a look at these special resources we’ve assembled just for you.

In times of uncertainty, we can all use a reminder that our loving and compassionate God is by our side, carrying us through the storm.  Watch this video of Just Be Held by Casting Crowns, and together let us pray that we all find peace in this Advent season.

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