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Thank you for registering for our Family Program! Each month, your family is asked to do three simple things: (1) attend a large-group Zoom session at one of several available times, (2) complete a family activity, chosen from a list of options, and submit a brief reflection, and (3) have your child or children each complete an individual project, chosen from a list of options, and upload an image of it.

But the Family Program isn’t just a list of assignments. It is an opportunity to make faith a bigger, more meaningful part of your family’s daily life. In addition to the meetings, activities, and projects, make sure also to check out the list of resources for “above and beyond” engagement. We compile these each month, choosing items we believe will be useful specifically to you, our parish families.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Faith Formation Office. Enjoy growing together in faith this year.

Our theme for this month is the Bible. We will learn about the books that make up the Bible, both in the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures) and the New Testament. We will also learn about how our Catholic tradition understands the relationship between Scripture and Tradition.

STEP ONE. Attend a large-group Zoom session at one of the following times.

The links and passwords for all four sessions have been emailed to you.

    • Tue., 10/13, 5-6pm
    • Tue., 10/13, 7-8pm
    • Thu., 10/15, 5-6pm
    • Thu., 10/15, 7-8pm

STEP TWO. Complete the family activity and click here to submit the Family Activity Reflection by Fri. 10/23.

Click here to expand the list of activities. Choose one.

    1. “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6-7). Together as a family, watch this music video based on the Gospel verse and discuss your thoughts.  How might this play out in your own lives?  How do you see Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life? What stood out to you?  Click here for the music video by Pat Barrett
    2. The Catechism of the Catholic Church calls prayer “a reciprocal call between God and the human family” (2591). It points to the psalms as prayers that vividly illustrate how God calls each person to a mysterious encounter with Him. Click here for a family-friendly guide to the psalms. Also, the entire Book of Psalms can be found here.  Some of the most popular psalms are 1, 23, 51, 119, and 139. As a family, choose one psalm and discuss what it means to you.   
    3. A parable is a short story based on familiar life experiences, used to teach a spiritual lesson.  Jesus tells many parables in the Gospels.  As a family, click here and read two of these parable: “The Greatest Commandment” and “The Good Samaritan” (Luke 10:25-37).  Discuss what it means to show love for someone. (You can use this file as a handy reference)
    4. Click here for a short video on the church.  What does church mean to your family?  What are some ways your family can be active in our parish, which is our local church community? How do you share the Good News with others? Also, did you know that our pastor, Father Mark, records two weekly messages:  one for the entire parish community (here) and one specifically for the children (here)? Take some time as a family and have a listen!
    5. To go to Mass together will be the light of Sunday for a family” Pope Benedict XVI, St. Peter’s Square, October 2005. Click here for a guide to the Liturgy of the Word, which provides some questions to help you hear and understand the Word of God.   Also, here are past recorded homilies from our pastor, Father Mark.  How did this activity bring your family closer to God? What spoke to you from any of the readings?
    6. “In prayer, more is accomplished by listening than by talking”, says St. Francis de Sales. Lectio Divina is a beautiful practice of prayer and a way to introduce your children to scripture, while learning to listen to God through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Click here  to watch a video about Lectio Divina.  As with any prayer, begin with the Sign of the Cross followed by a short period of silence. Read the following scripture passage (1 Corinthians 13:1-13and reference this sheet about Lectio Divina while praying.  Did this form of prayer bring you closer to God?  What spoke to you from the reading?

STEP THREE. Have your child or children complete their individual projects. Click here to upload the project by Fri. 10/30.

Click here to expand the list of projects. Choose one.

    1. Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30)
      • Click here to read the parable, then complete this worksheet. Upload a picture of your completed worksheet. (Grades 1-4)
      • Click here to read the parable. Choose four of the discussion questions on the attached sheet and answer them in the space provided at the bottom of the page.  Upload a picture of your completed worksheet. (Grades 5-8)
    2. Parable of the Lost/Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32)
      • Click here for a worksheet with the parable and some discussion questions. Complete the worksheet and upload a picture of it. (Grades 1-4)
      • Click here to read the parable. Choose four of the discussion questions on the attached sheet and answer them in the space provided at the bottom of the page.  Upload a picture of your completed worksheet. (Grades 5-8)
    3. The Ten Commandments are God’s instructions for how to live in relation to God and other people.  Click here to read the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:2-17) and have a look at this sheet. Also take a few minutes to watch this video.  Make a project (poster, collage, etc) of your choosing displaying the Ten Commandments.  Be creative! Upload a picture of your completed project. (Grades 1-8)
    4. The Word of God comes to Catholics through both Sacred Scripture (written word) and Tradition (teaching of the Church). Watch this brief video. One way to worship and live out Sacred Scripture and Tradition is by praying the Stations of the Cross.  Take a listen here as our pastor, Father Mark, shared his own personal reflection this past Lenten season. With the uncertainty of COVID, may this reflection bring you peace and comfort.  How did this podcast speak to you? On this worksheet, provide your own thoughts and describe what insights you gained into the Stations. Upload a picture of your completed worksheet. Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1) (Grades 5-8) 
    5. “The Bible App for Kids” is a free app where Bible stories are read aloud as children journey through the Bible in an interactive approach. Download the app on the device of your choice (for example on Google Play or the Apple App Store).  Share some insights you learned on this worksheetUpload a picture of your completed worksheet. (Grades 1-4)
    6. Through Bible Journaling, you can spend a little time each day opening up your heart and mind to the word of God and his love for you.  Grab a notebook, journal, or some extra paper along with your favorite pens, pencils, and art supplies.  Click here  to read the daily scripture readings.  As you read and reflect, write down your favorite verses or some thoughts that come to mind.  This is an opportunity for you to be creative, so add color and draw to make it your own.  Do this for at least three days, then share your thoughts on how this made you feel.  Did you find that journaling daily brought you closer to God?  Upload a picture of your journal and provide feedback. (Grades 5-8)
    7. Kindness box. Reading isn’t enough! If scripture remains just words on a page, our work is not done. We need to meditate on the message and put it into action in our lives. Only then can the words be “living and effective” (Hebrews 4:12). Watch this video on the impact of small acts of kindness.  Let the Holy Spirit guide you by using your gifts and talents, and create a list of ways you can help others. Then, create and decorate a kindness box or jar. Every time you help someone, put a small token in your special jar or box (for example, coins in a jar, popsicle sticks in a box, etc.) As it begins to fill, you will find this is a beautiful way to show your gratitude for God’s endless love. Upload a picture of your kindness box or jar and provide feedback. (Grades 1-8)

ABOVE AND BEYOND! Take a look at these special resources we’ve assembled just for you.

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