Weekend Mass Resumption: Your Questions, Answered (updated July 6, 2020)

The public celebration of weekend Masses has resumed at SS. Isidore and Maria Parish. 

Please find below a detailed Q & A about the weekend Mass schedule and protocols for registration and attendance. 

Q: When are weekend Masses being held?
A: Weekend Masses at SS. Isidore and Maria Parish will be held as follows:

    • Saturday Vigil: 4:00 P.M.

    • Sunday: 8:00 A.M.

    • Sunday: 9:30 A.M.

    • Sunday: 11:15 A.M.

Q: Where are our parish weekend Masses being held?
A: All weekend Masses will be held at St. Paul Church.

Q: What is being done to determine who may attend weekend Masses?
A: There will be online and call-in options by which you may sign-up to attend weekend mass. They are as follows:

    • Online: Visit the Sign-up Genius link here

    • Phone: Please call the parish office at 860-633-9419 between 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM on weekdays to reserve your spot.

PLEASE NOTE:  Whether by using Sign-up Genius or by phone, reservations for a given Sunday MUST be made before 3:30 PM each Friday.

Q: May I still view the Mass via live stream remotely, such as from my home?
A:  Yes. Starting July 4th, all weekend Masses from St. Paul Church will be live-streamed on the parish websiteFacebook LIVE and YouTube live.

Q: What protocols are being put in place to ensure health and safety?
A: To ensure the health and safety of all, we have implemented the following public health guidance:

    • Congregation size will be limited to approximately 100 people.

    • Face masks are required of all members of the congregation. You may not enter the church without a face mask.

    • To help maintain the recommended six-foot distance between congregants, please follow the directional arrows and walking patterns within the church.

We also request that anyone who is sick, at high risk or showing symptoms of illness, to please refrain from attending Mass at this time.

Q: What happens when I arrive at St. Paul Church for weekend Mass?
A: When you arrive at St. Paul Church, there are two options – and they depend upon where you are going to sit: 

  • If you signed up to sit in the Main Body of the church, please check in with the representative at the main entrance, who will confirm your reservation. At this point, an usher will seat you at the next available open seat within that portion of the church.

  • If you signed up to sit in the South Wing of the church, please check in with the representative at the Main Street-facing handicapped entrance. At this point, an usher will seat you at the next available open seat within that portion of the church.

To ensure appropriate social distancing, It is imperative that you follow the instructions of the usher, and sit only where instructed.

Q: Will Holy Communion be made available?
A: Yes, Holy Communion will be distributed following the conclusion of Mass. It is preferred that all communicants receive the Body of Christ in the hand*.

Communicants in attendance at the Mass are asked to:

    • Receive the consecrated host in your hand.  (This is the recommended and preferred way of receiving Holy Communion at this time)

    • Step to the side

    • Lower your mask

    • Consume the host

    • Replace your mask

    • Exiting the church depends upon where you are seated, and is laid out as follows:

      • If sitting in the Main Body of the Church, please exit via the side doors.

      • If sitting in the South Wing of the Church, please exit via the rear doors.

Q: What if there are no seats available at the Mass I would like to attend?
A: We invite you to watch the live stream, and you may do so from the convenience of your vehicle. We welcome you to access the parish wireless Internet as follows:

      • Network: isidoreandmaria-guest

      • Password: speakfriend

To receive communion, please wait for Father Mark to make an announcement that anyone outside may now enter to receive the Holy Eucharist. This will be AFTER those inside the church have received.

Q: I participated in Mass by watching a TV Mass. May I receive Holy Communion?
A: Yes! Communicants who have celebrated the Mass via broadcast means (including, but not limited to the SS. Isidore and Maria live stream, live stream of another parish, or the Office of Radio & Television for the Archdiocese of Hartford) may receive the Holy Eucharist at St. Paul Church immediately following any Mass. All Masses are lived streamed starting at the times listed above, and may be live-streamed from the convenience of your vehicle (see above). Communion is distributed approximately 45 minutes after the start time of each Mass.

Please enter by the Main Street entrances of the church and South Wing and carefully follow the traffic flow instructions from the ushers and the walking patterns within the church. Please wear a face mask.

Q: What if I have additional questions about the reopening?
A: We continually be updating our messaging, which will be distributed using a variety of communication venues and tools, including:

    • Parish website

    • E-newsletter

    • Bulletin

    • Robo calls

    • Social media

Additional questions regarding our reopening may be directed to contact@isidoreandmaria.org, or the parish office at 860-633-9419

*Communicants asking to receive the Host on the tongue must wait to receive Holy Communion until all others have received and may do so using only the Main aisle of the church.

Following the directions of the usher, please proceed through the communion line with the rest of the church. When you reach the Communion station, cross your arms to receive a blessing, then exit the church according to directional arrows. 

Return to the main entrance of the church. Once everyone (even any people waiting in the parking lot, etc.) receives communion you may then enter and receive communion on the tongue.