Message from our pastor

Welcome to the Community of Saints Isidore and Maria!  It is my privilege and honor to serve this community, which has been active for a very long time: at Saint Augustine Church since 1887, and at Saint Paul Church for more than 100 years. During that time, many individuals have called these churches home and found within this community a powerful connection with their God. God is so awesomely present in all of creation, and He invites each one of us into a personal relationship with Him as our Creator. As we our new community grows and develops, let’s all live out this awareness more deeply.

There are tremendous opportunities for prayer, ministry and service in our community.  That being said, there are also so many things pulling at our attention and demanding our allegiance these days. I’ll be working together with all our parish staff and volunteers to help folks as they sift through all that life brings them and find true and lasting meaning.

May all that we do as a parish family help us develop the “third eye of vision” that is necessary to contemplate and enjoy the beauty of God! I look forward to welcoming you to Mass and working with you to build our community.

— Father Mark Suslenko