What Happens If I Don’t Listen?

Christmas naturally brings with it thoughts of family, especially our families of origin.  These thoughts are laced with a myriad emotions ranging from tender memories for some to painful memories of loneliness, abandonment, loss and sadness for others.  Unlike fleeing the grasp of Herod, we cannot flee our family memories as they remain with us and are part of the fabric of our very being. We have been shaped by them: good, bad or indifferent.  Families can be a safe haven of togetherness, a place of fear, anxiety, anger and resentment or a mix of both. What memories do [...]

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I Will Not Leave You Orphan

We are experiencing a time of upheaval and change.  This is true in both our secular and church worlds.  Structures and systems are changing rapidly.  The way we conduct our political, societal and religious business is so vastly different today that it was even a short time ago.  While some may see this as a time of despair and gloom, it really can be an opportunity for cleansing, change and hope.  History shows that every so often a time of purification and reevaluation is needed.  The old ways of doing things simply are not working anymore and we are [...]

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Big Things in Small Packages

“Destruction and violence are before me; there is strife, and clamorous discord.”  These words, uttered by the prophet Habakkuk, are as relevant today as they were the day they were first penned.  It almost seems that every day we are exposed to another act of violence or display of discord.  There are so many unsettling emotions, so much unhappiness, disagreement and anger in our world, nation and even our church.  We are becoming increasingly polarized and find it more and more challenging to live on common ground.  “How long, O Lord?  I cry for help but you do not [...]

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The Hard Road of Discipline

Abraham Lincoln is said to have remarked that “discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” What is it that you desire most? This is a powerful question that must be asked and answered if we want to avoid a haphazard, disjointed and chaotic life. It also must be asked and answered if we claim to be a person of faith who is committed to living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We all have smaller desires that motivate us throughout the day. I may desire to complete a project that has been sitting undone for [...]

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Who Is My Neighbor?

“Brother Sun, Sister Moon I seldom see you seldom hear your tune. Preoccupied with selfish misery. Brother Wind and Sister Air open my eyes to visions pure and fair. That I may see the glory around me. I am God’s creature, of Him I am part. I feel His love awakening my heart. Brother Sun and Sister Moon I now do see you, I can hear your tune. So much in love with all that I survey.” These words are the lyrics by Donovan that are part of the soundtrack for the 1970’s movie, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” that is [...]

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Up Up and Away! An Ascension Reflection

It is common thinking to believe that Christ’s Ascension into heaven somehow “removes” him from earth and that the Holy Spirit becomes some kind of “substitution” for his presence here. The Holy Trinity can never be divided and always exists in relationship with each other, whole and intact. How, then, are we to think of this event we now celebrate? If Christ is now fully glorified and ascended into heaven, how can he still be here? St. Augustine says: “Why do we on earth not strive to find rest with him in heaven even now, through the faith, hope and [...]

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What difference does it make?

Alleluia! Christ is risen! These exclamations have meaning for us and express the hope to which we are called. They also make sense out of all that Jesus did and said during his earthly life. Whether Jesus knew the fullness of his risen identity in God as the Christ, he lived his life and embraced his suffering and death believing in Emmanuel, his Abba. Jesus’ Father was the constant source of strength and purpose he needed to do what he did and say what he said. That ultimate trust became very evident as he faced his agony in the garden [...]

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Resisting temptation

Our church and our world are going through painful times. For our church, the ongoing revelations of the sex abuse crisis are disturbing, discouraging and sad. Feelings of betrayal and anger are commonly expressed and many are disillusioned, lacking joy and without a concrete sense of hope. For our world, there are still great conflicts and so much discord and unhappiness. People are struggling: to have food, make a decent living, live in safety and find a home. Wars and divisions go on and tensions are escalating. There is a lack of trust deepening both in the church and in [...]

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