Donate to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal

A Message from Archbishop Leonard Blair, Archdiocese of Hartford:

As we are all trying to navigate a new sense of normal during the Coronavirus pandemic we would like to THANK the more than 32,995 generous donors that have pledged over $8,485,500 to the 2020 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal, Growing in Faith, Giving in Love.

To the extent that you are not adversely affected financially by the pandemic, please respond to the 2020 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal as best you can. Any gift, no matter the size, is truly appreciated and can make a significant difference. This weekend is Commitment Weekend, please give prayerful consideration to a gift to this year’s Appeal, which extends through December 31, 2020.

All funds contributed to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal are used exclusively for the purposes outlined in the Appeal literature, which can be found here.

No Appeal funds are ever used for legal fees or settlements.