2020/2021: Remembering Those We’ve Lost

November 2 is the Feast of All Souls. This is traditionally a time to remember all of our loved ones and all souls who have departed this life. This time of prayer hopes to to remember that we are still connected with them and united to God, who desires all of His children be with Him in heaven. The Church teaches that those who have died are in need of our prayers as well.

This November, we ask that you please hold in your hearts and remember in your prayers the members of the SS. Isidore and Maria Parish community who we have lost since November 2020:

Eleanor Banta

Teresa Baribault

Caroline Baribault

Carmen Bruneau

Charles Burkhardt

Bernard Bussiere

Elizabeth Bussiere

Jeannine Carini

DiVito Carmelina

Judith Catalano

Renato Catubig

Saturina Catubig

Terrance Clemens

Fulvio Colantonio

Jane DaDario-Sleath

Helen DeGemmis

Alfred DeGemmis

Joseph DiVito

Joseph Dondero, Sr.

Geno Draghi

Russell Erickson

Hilda Esteves

John Fauteux

Jean Pierre Favreau

Karen Flynn

Rose Gambarotta

Faith Garvey

Gerard Gosselin

Mary Griffin

Virginia Hedges

William Howley

Costantino Iamanaco

Stella Jacobs

Mary Kehoe

Kathleen Knight

Shirley Masterson

Edward Masterson, Sr.

Theodore Milek

James Millis

Darcy Mott

Marie Novak

Barbara Nowacki

Mary Oberg

Richard Palatine

Mary Palmer

Carolyn Pelletier

Joseph Pelletier

Francis Perrone

Elizabeth Petrowsky

James Rice

Louis Romeo, Sr.

Geraldine Ruggiero

John Rusczyk

Albert Schiro

Lillian Schiro

Michael Smulders

Elaine Snyder

Richard Snyder

Lisa Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan

Bernard Sullivan

Harold Teveris

Elsie Urgo

Gloria Weingartner

Albina Wellington

Valer Wnuk