2021/2022: Remembering Those We’ve Lost

November 2 is the Feast of All Souls. This is traditionally a time to remember our loved ones and all souls who have departed this life. This prayer time helps us remember that we are still connected with them and united with God, who desires all His children to be with Him in heaven. The Church teaches that those who have died are in need of our prayers as well. This November, we ask that you please hold in your hearts and remember the members of the SS in your prayers. Isidore and Maria Parish community, who we have lost since November 2021:

Carmela Agnellino

Joan Alton

Lisa Bean

Paul H. Bowler

Ruth Brass

Francis McKeon Buckley

Marguerite Butera

David Callahan

Thomas Callan

Raymond Casella

June Casella

Jennie Cassarino

Ron Clisham

Danny Coyle

Catherine Daley

Vincent D’Aloisio

Eric Damato

Joan Dean

Eva DiDomizio

Angelo DiMarco

Frank Dondero, Jr.

Susan Ellen Downes

John Flannary

Wendy Ann Grant

Herbert Greenwood, Jr.

Pauline Guay

Paul Haas

Nancy Higgins

Kathleen Hinchey

Joseph Ianni

William LaBorne

Glenn Lagasse

Kenneth LaPier

William Leach

Jamison Lynch

Mary Lyons

Candelario Martinez

Carole Maynard

John McGovern

Mary Louise McKenna

Thomas Moorcraft

Joseph Negri

William Nosal

Linda Nott

Patricia Oechsler

Susan O’Keefe

William Panek

Joseph Pascale

Constance Pelletier

Richard W. Perkett, Sr.

Elizabeth Pinette

Donna Preli

Lottie Price

John Querido, Jr.

Barbara Ross

Laura Sapia

Dante Sassi

Maureen Schecher

Kenneth Serneth

M. Dolores Sylvestro

Robert Sinibaldi

Joyce Terailia

Marie Vasquez

Austin Vilar

Donald Yarsawich