Pastoral Council Snapshot for September 2023

Pastoral Council Snapshot from the September 11, 2023 Meeting:

  • Parish Ministries – Pastoral Council members continue to reach out directly to a small subset of our parish ministries to better understand their existing efforts/service and how best to incorporate the core values of faith, hope, and love into the ministry.
  • Currently, the focus is on the following ministries:  Greeters, Lectors, Music Ministry, Prayer Shawl Ministry, and Extraordinary Ministries of Holy Communion. Findings and best practices will be shared amongst Pastoral Council members, and then efforts will eventually be expanded to include direct contact with all parish ministries.

The current members of the Pastoral Council Members are Terry Bedard, Donna Berger, Deacon Bill Dziatko, Kim Franklin, David Garrido-Cid, Rob Gingras, Megan Grindle, Mary Kate Hallisey, Sarah Johnson, Brittany Solony, Tod Umbach, Damien Walsh, and Deacon Steve Weaver.

The Pastoral Council meets regularly to consider and discuss our parish’s Pastoral and Spiritual needs. Click here to share your thoughts with the Pastoral Council