Meet Mary Helmlinger: Parish Ministry Coordinator

We are excited to announce a new member of our parish team.

Mary Helmlinger has joined the staff of SS. Isidore and Maria Parish as Parish Ministry Coordinator. She will serve in this capacity as a volunteer.

In her new role, Mary will help create an inspired, committed, open, and generous community of volunteers. She’ll also assist in building ministries that function at a high level of stewardship and efficiency, are connected, and support the overarching pastoral mission of faith, hope, and love.

“I am very excited to have Mary join us in the role of Ministries Coordinator,” said Father Mark Suslenko, Pastor, SS. Isidore and Maria Parish. “Having her in this role will assist our parish in many ways: by keeping our current ministries fresh with new volunteers and by creating new ministries to meet current needs! Mary comes with great organizational skills and creative ideas. She is very approachable and will certainly be an asset to our parish.”

Mary has more than thirty years of experience in the financial services industry and retired from full-time employment in 2023 to devote more time to parish work.


“I am fortunate in being able to take on this role and contribute to the overall discipleship of parishioners and others to reflect the Word of Christ in our community,” Mary said.


Mary’s parish email is Please welcome Mary to the parish staff and keep her success in your prayers.