Corpus Christi Procession: The Canopy

The annual Corpus Christi procession includes a hand-made Eucharistic Canopy that covers the Blessed Sacrament throughout the procession.

While not strictly required, the canopy adds dignity to the procession by making a sacred space for the Eucharist throughout its travels. It is reminiscent of the tent of the Lord’s presence, where the Ark of the Covenant was kept while the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for forty years after leaving Egypt.

At SS. Isidore and Maria Parish, the Eucharistic Canopy’s poles and crosses are made from wood dating to 1894 that once graced two now-closed local churches: Immaculate Conception Church in Hartford and Blessed Sacrament Church in East Hartford. Parishioners Don Kray and John Ruggiero designed and created the wooden crosses, and Marcel Jeansen painted the poles. Kathy Kray donated her extensive sewing and embroidery talents to make the beautiful cloth to shade the Eucharist during its journey. We thank them all for the many hours of work they have donated to make this event that much more special!