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Here you will find important info, forms, and Purchase Request guidelines.

Purchase Requests

For purchases exceeding $40

You must to secure prior written approval from Father Mark. You can do this by downloading the “Purchase Request Form” at the bottom of the page. Complete the form. Make sure to indicate whether you will make the purchase yourself, or wish Melissa Lacafta to make the purchase on the parish credit card. When you submit the form, you will receive an email confirmation at the address you provide. Father Mark will then approve, deny, or comment on your Purchase Request. You will receive his response by email, again at the address you provide.

If Melissa is making the purchase, please forward the approved Purchase Request Form by email to Melissa Lacafta at melissa@isidoreandmaria.org. In your message, provide Melissa with precise instructions about what to purchase, including a direct link to the purchase page online. Melissa will place the order and notify you when it arrives at the parish.

If you are making the purchase yourself, print out the approved “Purchase Request Form” and keep all your receipts. When you’re ready to be reimbursed, print and fill out the Faith Formation Reimbursement Form, linked below. Then bring these three things to Kristina DiDominzio, our Business Manager, in the Main Office at St. Paul Church:

  • A copy of the approved purchase request
  • All relevant original receipts
  • The completed Reimbursement Form.

Kristina will process your reimbursement and mail you a check.

Purchase Requests

For purchases less than $40

You will need to secure prior written approval from Jon Sozek, our Faith Formation Director.

  • Please email Jon at jon@isidoreandmaria.org and describe your proposed purchase.
  • Print out a copy of his reply.
  • Bring that reply and all relevant receipts to Kristina DiDominzio at the Main Office at St. Paul Church between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm on a Monday or Wednesday to receive reimbursement for your purchase in cash from our petty cash account.
Email Jon