2022 Parish Annual Collection

September 2022

With the coming change of seasons, I truly hope that this letter finds you well. As we know too well, this year has brought its challenges:  a lingering pandemic, war in Ukraine and unsettled times to name only a few.  We live with these challenges using our faith and creative resources that allow us to negotiate whatever each day brings. We need, perhaps now more than ever, the stability and focus our traditions and institutions provide. Our faith reminds us to take the opportunity, as the moments of our lives unfold, to savor all of the beauties God places before us and open our eyes to the wonders of His presence. With the beginning of each new day, we have an opportunity to give rightful praise and gratitude to our Creator and live, as fully as possible, the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Doing so gives us the resolve to face whatever comes our way with fortitude and hope.

Our parish continues to face tremendous practical, spiritual and financial challenges. I am grateful that we have been able, through your generosity, to maintain programs, our facilities, and parish ministries and services in good and proper order.  We continue to develop new and creative ways of keeping ourselves connected to our mission by developing more online programs and opportunities, fostering new opportunities for Evangelization and Discipleship, fine-tuning social media avenues, and better communicating and planning for the future.  Many have favorably remarked about our growing Music Ministry. This greatly enriches our worship experience and helps us find our way to God.   We need your help to do these things and more!  Therefore, I ask for your help in making our 2022 Parish Annual Collection a success.  The monies generated from this yearly appeal are already earmarked in our parish budget for our operational expenses, which include many of the things I just mentioned.  The success of our parish, materially, pastorally, and spiritually relies on your generous support.  Will you consider helping us this year?  

Our parish makes Christ’s love visible every day, and there are so many who work tirelessly to advance the mission of God’s church. Every weekend people, especially younger people, tell me how excited and grateful they are to be a part of our parish family. Even people in other parts of the world join us regularly. We are a beacon of light and hope in a world that can be very dark!  I am grateful for your continued support, especially your support of our 2022 Parish Annual Collection. Please prayerfully consider this request.  Donations can be made payable to SS. Isidore and Maria Parish.

Thank you, again, for considering this appeal!  There is much work to do.  So many people need to hear the voice of God and discover the depth of life, peace, and love that only He can bring.  Without the tangible presence of our faith, where would we be?

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. Mark S. Suslenko