2022 Christmas Meditation

A Christmas Meditation by Father Mark Suslenko, Pastor, SS. Isidore and Maria Parish, Glastonbury, Connecticut

December 25, 2022

It all comes and goes so fast.  As quickly as we are putting the decorations up, we’re taking them down. And, the time flies…between the choosing and buying of gifts, the expected Christmas socials, the foods that need to be prepared….and then, it ends.

So, why are we doing all of this anyway? Perhaps we are compelled to honor some kind of celebratory tradition that has something to do with the birth of God’s Son. Or, maybe we like the music and lights and memories of similar celebrations many years ago….nostalgia.  Auntie Ann always gets me something good…..I like that.  Maybe we’re concerned about heaven and figure we better keep this one holiday….just in case…..something about salvation!

But, it’s none of that! That’s not what Christmas is all about.  You see, God didn’t really do anything extraordinary today at all.  All God did was show us what was already there.  His love.  We have trouble understanding and seeing this gift….God’s love….as it is all so ordinary and incredibly simple.

We forget who we are.  Who God is.  We need reminders….all of the time.  We wrongly believe that we can totally control our incompleteness, restlessness, boredom, anxiety, uneasiness and the uncertainty of the world.  We can’t.  At least, not by ourselves. And, let’s be honest: we are SCARED.  Frightened, actually!

Afraid of the bottom falling out, not being successful, not being liked or admired and DYING.  We’re terrified of dying.  We’re even more terrified of losing one of our loves. That death can do us in. 

We are fragile and we can easily break.  We don’t like to admit that.  The way we treat others sometimes…..well, let’s just say….human spirits are easily broken.

God’s message is simple:  I am here.  Learn from me.  Learn from me and not the world.   I complete you.  Nothing else.  Don’t cause any more pain.  Don’t trample over human souls.  When you crush them, you crush me.  Make room for everyone.  When there’s no room for even ONE of my children, there’s no room for me.  Be gentle with one another.  You’re fragile.  I made you that way.  And, don’t worry about suffering.  Stop fretting over dying.  It’s all going to be okay.  I came into the world and died to the world….it is all going to be okay.  I made it that way.

That’s why we’re here today…..to celebrate… because of God, it’s all okay!  Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas….they’re meant to be enjoyed.  Then, remember why you’re doing all of these things and come to the manger and pray.  It’s God’s reminder. 

Merry Christmas!