A Christmas Reflection from Father Mark Suslenko

Something wants our attention. It’s a light that has been shining since God first created it thousands and thousands of years ago.

God gave it a singular distinction and purpose, just as he did when he made you and me. That holy light, shining from the beginning of time, illuminated the path to and for Christ. Its radiance exploded one dark, quiet night and brought holy, curious, lost, hurting, confused people where they needed to be. Beneath its light, they found three precious gifts: faith, hope, and love. The world changed.

But, there is more. The story continues! Time has passed, and Bethlehem has come and gone. Jesus grew up. He’s not a baby anymore! Now, He is the Christ of the Living God reigning in the cosmic splendor of heaven! Today that same star continues to shine. It now illuminates our paths so that WE can see. Wow! It’s incredible how much clearer things are when we have light!

Our lives are so sadly broken. Our world is hurting. There are so many who are struggling to get through each day. We’ve lost so much and have gained so little, so it seems. God accepts our blindness. We stumble. We need light.

We get tired of trying to fix things ourselves. It’s so complicated at times, especially when we feel so alone. But, we are not alone. That’s the message of Christmas! It’s all about those three precious gifts! It’s all about Christ! We HAVE the fix!

We are meant to BECOME Christ. This is what the star shows us. Something more significant, more perfect is yet to come. God is not yet done. We are meant to become the God we seek.

Imagine a world in which all Christians truly had the mind, heart, and actions of Christ. It would be a much kinder place. There is something more real ahead of us. All will be well. All will be one.

The gentle tenderness of a human soul is where faith, hope, and love are born. It is where Christ is born. In us. We are instruments. We are vessels. Let God use you. Let God change you. Let the star guide you. Life can be joyful, even amidst its struggles and brokenness. Laugh. Play. God delights in you and loves you.

The star’s light is still burning. Follow it. Merry Christmas!

Fr. Mark S. Suslenko, Pastor
SS. Isidore and Maria Parish
Glastonbury Connecticut