A Pastoral Message from Father Mark on COVID-19

May the peace of Christ be with you!  

Together in these past weeks, we have witnessed real and growing concerns due to the worldwide spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). It has upended each of us personally, economically, emotionally and spiritually.
These are serious times. We cannot take any of this lightly. It appears that the threat is not going away anytime soon.
As a result, every one of us is dealing with heightened fear and anxiety – myself included. What we are feeling is normal, valid and human.
Yet be assured: God has not abandoned us. What is happening is not being showered on humanity as a consequence of sinfulness and infidelity. I encourage you to remember, instead, that this is an opportunity to revisit our relationship with Jesus. May we all look to him as our rock, refuge, and salvation.
This crisis also invites us to incorporate prayer more fully into our lives. Prayer is at all times the best means to collect and center our lives and prepare for what is to come. It was Jesus, after all, who gave us the “Lord’s Prayer” as a beautiful way to connect with the Creator of all life, our Abba Father. Through prayer, and just taking time to be with God, we can gain a sense of comfort, trust and support.
Finally, please remember that you are part of a vast and beautiful parish family here at SS. Isidore and Maria. We are here for you. Let us all be present to one another. It is important that we stay connected as a parish family – if only virtually – so that none of us are overwhelmed by isolation and loneliness.
To that end, I encourage you to use the communication tools listed below – from phone calls and email, to social media and on-line Mass streaming, to our parish app and website. By all these means, you can remain informed and connected with me and with your spiritual family. We will continue to explore new and creative ways to use these tools in the coming days and weeks, so that all of us, together, may continue our spiritual journey in our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Father Mark
March 16, 2020
PS: Please read the full text of my pastoral message here