PODCAST: Faith and the Free Fall

“The Christian is meant to free fall into life: the good and the bad, the successful, the unsuccessful, the hurtful, the joyful, all of that is part of the human experience.

But what we tend to do, sometimes, is want to skirt around the challenges. We don’t see the benefit in the trials. We don’t see fruit all of the time coming from suffering. We don’t find any kind of consolation when things get difficult. And so the tendency of human nature is to try to separate ourselves from those things as quickly as possible.” – Father Mark Suslenko

Free falling from a plane – or into Christianity – takes the ability to strengthen one’s knees, control our anxieties, check our fears, and free fall into the experience. So says Father Mark in his latest podcast, “Faith and the Free Fall.” It’s available for streaming or download on your favorite podcast app, or by telling your smart speaker to play “Weekly Homilies.”