PODCAST: Trust the Silence

“When life becomes chaotic, when things get turned upside down, we find ourselves frustrated, off center, off kilter, detached, somewhat fragile, where do we turn?

It’s not to ourselves that we are to find the answer, because who made this world in which we did? God did. Who made us? God did.

When we bring those intentions to God and we storm heaven with our pleas, we can find ourselves very much like the disciples in today’s Gospel (Mark 4:35-41), saying of God and asking of God, “Are you not attentive to where I’m at here? Are you not listening to what’s going on in my life? I’m faithful. I consider myself, your friend, I miserable and suffering. Life is out of joint and you’re not doing anything about it. Why?”And the response comes back: silence. Is God absent? Does He not care? Is He asleep? Why aren’t things calming down? I say my prayers. I’m faithful and nothing is happening.” – Father Mark Suslenko

God is here. Trust the process, and the answer you seek may be as close as the silence you’re experiencing. More wisdom from Father Mark on this in his¬†¬†latest podcast, “Trust the Silence,” available free for streaming and download.