VIDEO SERIES: No Way to Live – Homelessness in Central Connecticut

“No one is immune from becoming homeless, and no matter where we are in life, none of us is that far away from it.” – Tom Mazzarella and Cyndi Simms, Productions for Change

Dear Parishioners:

I recently learned of a fantastic short video series about the homelessness crisis in central Connecticut entitled No Way to Live. I was moved by the many unanswered questions raised during the series. 

No Way to Live highlights the voices of the unhoused alongside volunteers, non-profit agencies, religious organizations, and governmental entities trying to battle this age-old crisis. A few of the questions that come forward from producer Tom Mazzarella and writer Cyndi Simms are:

  • Who are the homeless?
  • Do people choose homelessness?
  • Are they all addicted or mentally unwell? 
  • Are there things going on in society or in our governing bodies that contribute to people becoming homeless?
  • Does giving money really help? 
  • Can we end homelessness?

The series provides a starting point for understanding the gravity of the homeless crisis around us. I invite you to watch and listen with open, Christian hearts to what is presented here so that our parish community can better comprehend the massive issue in our backyards and begin formulating ways we can do our part to alleviate it. 

I welcome your feedback on this series as our parish moves ahead on our journey to live the social justice values we learned from Jesus. 

In Christ,

Father Mark


E2: Does giving money really help?

E3: Do people choose homelessness?

E4: Are all homeless people addicted or mentally ill?

E5: Can we end homelessness?

E6: What causes homelessness?

E7: Do the police care about the homeless?

E8: Who are the homeless?

E9: Myth – Homeless people expect handouts

E10: Beyond Despair: A Story of Inspiration

E11: The importance of pets