Jesus: Teacher and Friend

  • How do you see Jesus as a friend and teacher in your own lives?  What stood out to you?  Watch this music video by Zach Williams and Dolly Parton:

The Lord's Prayer

  • Jesus gave us “The Lord’s Prayer, the most perfect of prayers…. In it we ask, not only for all the things we can rightly desire, but also in the sequence that they should be desired. This prayer not only teaches us to ask for things, but also in what order we should desire them.” -CCC, no 2763. Together as a family reference, complete this activity, read this article, and then watch this music video below by Hillary Scott. What spoke to you? Discuss how you are living your life according to God’s will? 

Trusting His Word

  • Jesus teaches us to trust in His word.  Together as a family, complete this activity on what you worry about based on the Gospel reading (Matthew 6:25-34) and how to replace worry with prayer.  Close this activity in prayer by using this prayer.  What spoke to you during this activity?  Were you able to shift your concerns after time spent in prayer? 


  • We are reminded to reflect and show gratitude for our many blessings.  Together watch the music video below, Amazing Grace, which honors God’s greatest gift to all of us, Jesus Christ, then complete the Thankfulness Picture Scavenger Hunt.  You may also consider planning a family activity of your choice, such as baking, crafting or listening to music; eliminating all of the distractions. 
  • Talk as a family about what it means to be thankful and how to express gratitude.  In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. (Thessalonians 5:18). To be grateful is to recognize the Love of God in everything he has given us, and he has given us everything. – Thomas Merton.   

All Saints Day

  • November 1 is All Saints’ Day, a Holy Day of Obligation.  Pope Francis tells us “to be saints is not a privilege for the few, but a vocation for everyone.  Do not be afraid to aim for holiness and turn yourselves over to the love of God. Holiness does not mean performing extraordinary things but carrying out daily things in an extraordinary way – that is, with love, joy, and faith.” Take some time as a family and watch this All Saints’ Day video and also have a look at this summary article by Pope Francis. You may choose to light a candle honoring those that have passed or take a moment in silent reflection.  Close by offering this prayer together.  Discuss what it means to live a life of holiness.

My Best Friend

  • Together as a family read this article on building a relationship with Jesus and then watch this music video below by Hillsong Kids. There’s no one size fits all, so think about your everyday life and routines.  Where does your family connect best with Jesus?  Could it be nature, your pets, family celebrations, Mass or during times of joy and sadness?  What steps can you take as a family to strengthen this relationship?  Some suggestions for your children…bedtime conversations with God to share thanks or worries, practicing prayers daily, journaling or performing acts of kindness and service.

The Parable of the Lost Sheep


The New Commandment (John 13:34)

  • John 13:34 Jesus taught the disciples to love one another as he loved them in many ways. Did you notice he washed their feet before sharing his new commandment? Jesus knew it was this which would set them apart, as both believers and followers and is true of us today. We should always do our best to show our love for one another through patience and kindness.  Remembering that while forgiveness can be hard, apologizing or accepting an apology matter.  Putting someone else’s needs ahead of our own is another great way to show our love of others. As you think about this scripture and the video, what are ways in which you show your love of others in your life? Share your thoughts.

The Beatitudes

  • The Beatitudes are the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-10). Jesus teaches us that if we live according to the Beatitudes, we will live a happy Christian life, an outward reach of the gospel. Click here to read about the Beatitudes in the Gospel of Matthew.  You can also reference this document or have a look at this activity to help you understand them.  Make a project (poster, collage, etc) of your choosing displaying the Beatitudes.  

Feeding of the Five Thousand

  • Jesus performed many miracles, one of which is the Feeding of the Five Thousand, read   Matthew 14:13-21  and watch the video below. A children’s summary of the miracle can be found here and also use these discussion questions to better understand the parable.

Jesus was like us!

  • We all have friends and many of us would say we have best friends too. In fact, we often use the term “BFF” meaning that person is our best friend forever.  In order for our friendships to grow, it’s important to spend time together and always be faithful.  We can honor our friendships by remembering to share, be a good listener, be kind and caring. Watch the video below.  Did you know just like the disciples, Jesus is our friend too?  He is our #1 BFF. This worksheet is a fun way you can be a follower of your friend Jesus, just like the disciples.  

The Communion of Saints

  • Although the Church gives certain people the official title of “saint,” we are all called saints because we are part of the Communion of Saints, all people who have been saved in Jesus Christ. Watch the video below, and then take a look at handout