Help for those who are less fortunate.

For many years, volunteers from SS. Isidore and Maria Parish have worked to support ImmaCare Inc., a Hartford-based organization performing homeless outreach and support for some of our poorest neighbors.

As ImmaCare’s mission continues in these times of economic unpredictability, the need for volunteers to continue this partnership is crucial to ImmaCare’s continued success — and ultimately the success of the clients they serve.

Volunteers from our parish are needed to assist with the following:

  • Group Meals for Delivery to ImmaCare: Coordinated by George Jachimowski, groups of volunteer parishioners are encouraged to create meals in the kitchen at St. Paul Church for regular delivery to ImmaCare’s emergency homeless shelter.
  • Individual Meals for Delivery to ImmaCare: Individuals wishing to cook and provide meals in their own home kitchens for delivery to ImmaCare’s emergency shelter are also needed. Marisa Howard is heading up this effort.
  • Outreach Program: This is an ImmaCare program that provides nourishment five days each week to the homeless living on the street, in abandoned buildings or wherever shelter can be found. Donations from SS. Isidore and Maria supplement the sandwiches which are distributed each day. Since there is virtually no funding for this program, an acute need exists for food and water.  There are a few different ways to make donations for the Outreach program.
    • Send a check to ImmaCare and put in the memo line a notation that the check is for the OUTREACH PROGRAM. 
    • Order items from Amazon, Walmart, and Target for direct shipment to ImmaCare, c/o Tony Mack ImmaCare Outreach Program, 168 Hungerford Street, Hartford, CT  06106-4641
    • Leave donated items at either St. Augustine Church (in the hallway) or St. Paul Church (in the box in the South Wing marked “ImmaCare Outreach.”). These are picked up by ImmaCare monthly.
    • Here’s a list of suggested food and personal items being requested by ImmaCare for the men in the Outreach Program:
      • T-Shirts
      • Long-sleeve t-shirts
      • Hoodies/sweatshirts
      • Sweatpants
      • Boxer briefs – all sizes
      • Deodorant – full size
      • Bars of soap – full size
      • Toothpaste
      • Toothbrushes
      • Wyler’s Light Singles to Go Powder Packs Water Drink Mix
      • Breakfast muffins
      • Pop-Tarts – any variety
      • Bumble Bee Snack on the Run
      • Cans of sardines
      • Vienna sausages
      • Fresh fruit (apples, oranges, bananas)
      • Fruit cups (fruit pieces in small plastic cups)
      • Granola bars
      • Wrapped peanut butter and/or cheese crackers
      • Small bags of potato chips
      • Candy bars
      • Juice boxes (such as CapriSun)
      • Bottled Water
      • Cupcakes (wrapped)
      • Cookies (wrapped)
      • Napkins
      • Large plastic zip-lock bags

Please consider taking time as an individual, a family, a class, a workplace or a parish group (readers, Eucharistic ministers, etc.) to help our neighbors in need.

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