Baptismal Robes

The Baptismal Robe ministry provides handmade, cotton batiste robes for every baby baptized at St. Paul Church. The volunteers cut, sew and paint each robe. Initial instruction is provided and then the sewing can be done at home. At least four volunteers are needed for the success of this ministry.


Engaged Couples

Four Sundays per year, engaged couples from our deanery attend an afternoon conference at St. Paul Church as part of their marriage preparation. The group can range from 15 to 40 couples at each conference.

Currently there are eight married couples from St. Paul and St. Augustine Churches on the team of presenters. Each conference is typically led by a team of two couples. Deacon Weaver usually joins the team as well.

Once the presenting couple is acclimated to the ministry, there is at most one meeting prior to each conference, scheduled at the convenience of the participants.


Wedding Rehearsal Coordinator

The Wedding Rehearsal Coordinator assists the Pastor by walking the wedding party through the procession and reviews the main elements of the Wedding Mass with them the evening prior to the wedding.