As faithful Catholics, we are called upon to serve others.

We are called to work for justice and to defend the dignity of all humans. It’s in small gestures of kindness, generosity and love that we make great strides in social justice within our local communities – and you can help.

The SS. Isidore and Maria’s Social Justice Ministry seeks for volunteers to support our efforts at making the world a bit easier for others to navigate. Our role is to strengthen parish outreach by organizing activities that center around loving our global neighbors. Our love for all our brothers and sisters demands that we promote peace and work for justice, especially for those who are marginalized.

The social justice ministry is currently incorporating the following project into parish life at SS. Isidore and Maria:

This effort is led by Jenny Sandoval and Josephine Spinella, who invite you to come aboard for the ride toward social justice in our community. Interested in joining the Social Justice Ministry?