Altar care ministries


Volunteers are responsible for the care of all linens used on the altar and tabernacle.  This includes cleaning, occasional washing, ironing, folding and proper storage.  Altar linens are changed approximately every three to four weeks and also to reflect the change in different church seasons.

  • Time Commitment: Two or three members perform duties together, as needed, with flexible hours, usually requiring about an hour to an hour-and a-half
  • Training provided
  • Contact: Chris Bassette at 860-833-0095 or at

Small Linens

This ministry involves the proper soaking, washing, ironing and folding of all small linens used on the altar – purificators, corporals and small towels.

  • Time Commitment: Flexible hours to pick up linens any time after the Sunday Masses and return them before the Saturday morning Mass. Approximately three hours once a month
  • Training provided
  • Contact: Ann Sherry 860-633-4412


Two team members perform numerous cleaning tasks in the Sanctuary, main body of church and South Wing. The tasks include:  cleaning candlesticks and holy water fountains, dusting and polishing woodwork and furniture and cleaning small windows in the back of the church.

  • Time Commitment: A short time commitment is required on Monday and Friday to clean the altar and tabernacle areas from heavy usage over the weekend and to prepare the altar areas for the start of weekend Masses. The other cleaning duties may also be undertaken on these two days or at any other time and day that is convenient for the team members
  • Current rotation: each person needed for approximately two hours/week every nine weeks (five times per year)
  • Training provided
  • Contact: Marie Levy 860-633-3170

Flower Ministry

This “behind the scenes” ministry provides floral arrangements for the church sanctuary using real or artificial flowers which reflect seasonal natural flowers, as well as Seasons of the Church Year. Duties also include windowsill decorations for Christmas and Easter and seasonal wreaths for the front doors of the Church and rectory.

  • Time Commitment: Once a month for one-and a-half hours. Christmas and Easter windowsill decorations require about one and a half to two hours each
  • Prior training preferred. Professional florist or someone knowledgeable and experienced in constructing floral displays
  • Contact: Marie Levy 860-633-3170